Basic Course on Interaction with
Inner and Outer World
This is a basic course on managing your inner world and creating your own reality! In this course, all the basic knowledge for interacting with oneself and with space is collected and organized into a convenient structure.

In the modern world, there is an informational collapse taking place. In the entire short history of mankind's existence, our brain has never received, processed and produced such an amount of information as it does today. We are absolutely in need of new ways to interact with ourselves and with our emotionally sensitive side. New, deliberate methods of building your personality. It's time to rethink your perception of life, so as not to get completely lost in the sea of information and to distinguish your own from the superficial, true from the illusion. In order to see yourself and go your own way, fulfilling your destiny.
This basic course will allow you to

  • get your mind right and use it as intended
  • better understand the activity of the brain and increase its productivity
  • hear, understand and discern your feelings and emotions
  • express yourself and your inner world in a way that is comfortable for everyone
  • tie all parts of your energy structure into a single whole and finally take responsibility for everything
  • work through family problems and traumas
  • find, identify and clear energy blocks
  • take reality calmly
  • change your personality by all means
  • improve relationships with the outside world
  • better understand and accept yourself
  • learn to meditate and control your energy flows
  • become the master of your life and create the reality in which you want to liv

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