Kаtia Kolobaeva
Soul Reader
I am glad to welcome you on my page and welcome you to my world! My name is Katia Kolobaeva - I am a philosopher, soul reader and builder of a new reality.

Despite having 5 children, enjoying art and travelling, I am best at seeing souls and finding contact with the personality of an individual.

Throughout my life I have taken part in various social and business projects, but I consider my main work to be in the consulting sphere. Every day I give sessions around the world in three languages (Russian, French, English) which allows me to have the upper hand of what is happening.

I see the energy and mental structure of a person. I define and align mental and emotional state, features of personality structure, family and social blocks and trauma. I see the path, the purpose of the soul and the deviation from fate. I make an energy analysis of the situation, enterprise, place, or any subject. I analyse family and social relationships, and I communicate with the dead.

I am interested in life, all its processes and manifestations. I love people and clearly feel my social mission. That is why I do not have a fixed fee for my consultations and I always leave the cost at the discretion of the client after the session. It is in difficult moments of life that we need help most of all and it is usually then that people are unable to afford it. By honestly going all out at each session, I give the person the opportunity to determine for themselves how much they are comfortable to give for the information received.
Contact for communication:

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e-mail: Iseeyoursoulkolobaeva@gmail.com
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